CW’s AMERICAN SONG REVIVAL: Original songs in the old style. Listen. See the “American Song Revival” essay, above in the menu. Bring CW to your joint for some new vintage fun. All the way from the bright lights of the silver state. Email:

Take These Blues From Me, ©2017 CW BAYER

Gonna Keep Me Warm, ©2016 CW BAYER

Sweet Dreams Of Romance, ©2016 CW BAYER


CW’s BOOK AND CD MERCANTILE: In addition to writing American songs in the the classic style, CW has written a number of books on music.

  • Book Of The Month–RHYMES FROM THE SILVER STATE, historical lyrics. 80 pages of vernacular by the old timers. The fundamental collection of historical mining verses from Nevada. This book defines the culture of the 49ers, prospectors and desert rats. It is a must read for anyone interested in Nevada or western culture. See box at right or go to the Mercantile.
  • Click here to download “THE GOLD RUSH SONG PRIMER”–a companion to CW’s CD: “A GOLD RUSH SONG SAMPLER”. That CD is available at the MERCANTILE LINK. The CD and PRIMER illustrate the progression of gold rush song from 1849 to 1868. Both contain offensive historical lyrics. CW is available to speak and present on this subject.
  • For a more detailed history of gold rush music including the sources as well as fascinating history of the banjo and the far West’s most significant 19th century mining song, click on the MERCANTILE LINK and buy a copy of “THE STRYCHNINE BANJO-Jake Wallace, Charley Rhoades and “The Days of ’49”. This is a great story, and very important to the history and culture of the far West!
  • Go to the MERCANTILE LINK for copies of DREAMING UP NEVADA TERRITORY–the story of William Ormsby, the founding story of Nevada and of Carson City, its capital. This is the fundamental cultural and political history of the state’s Territorial efforts.
  • Click here to read TRUCK TRAIN THROUGH THE SAND–the story of the 1919 Transcontinental Motor Convoy on the road through Carson City. It looks at the romance and politics of the central overland route through Carson City as well as at the shift in western culture that occurred around 1919.
  • Go to the MERCANTILE LINK for the CW’s CD–“Sagebrush Songs”, his old times western ditties, samples below.


“Sagebrush Songs”. A few of CW’s old timey western songs, from the “Sagebrush Songs” CD:






CW & Dr. Spitmore:

Honky tonk guitar and jug. Swingy, western, twangy, fun. The guitar– tin can National. The big jug–thrift store special. CW is so old school he’s almost fashionable. Learning guitar during the folk scare of the mid-60s, he has traipsed the by-ways of the silver state writing songs about dust devils and wild women. DR. SPITMORE brings an impeccable attention to detail and tone borne of his many years as a performer of Baroque music. His favorite jug is the one that works. Regulars at the Genoa Cowboy Festival, the Ponderosa Saloon in Virginia City, Bodie Days, Comma Coffee, The Third St. Farmer’s Market…perfect for bankruptcies, wakes and foreclosures! Look for them in all the best saloons, honky-tonks and outdoor markets.


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