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CW & DR. SPITMORE, guitar and jug. Swingy, western, twangy, fun. Email today!

Look for CW’s talk–slideshow and musical examples– on his new book, “THE STRYCHNINE BANJO–Jake Wallace, Charley Rhoades and ‘The Days of ’49.'”

Email us at nevadamusic.com@me.com

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CW is so old school he’s almost fashionable. Learning guitar during the folk scare of the mid-60s, he turned off the radio and television, retreating into a dangerous world of live music, street theater and dance. His books reflect an obsession with roots music. For years, he wrote songs mostly in the British/Celtic style of early American music. For the last couple decades, he’s returned to a focus on fingerpicking, ragtime and hot swing with strong cowboy-hillbilly leanings–reflective of his years in the desert. His guitar du jour is a 1930 National called “Wanda.” DR. SPITMORE brings to the duo an impeccable attention to detail and tone borne of his many years as a performer of Baroque music. His favorite jug is the one that works.

If your venue allows, you might have the boys hold forth with their twangy roots music AND then haul CW off into a hall with a slide projector where he can discuss what is probably the most important book on 19th century American root music in the far West ever written–THE STRYCHNINE BANJO.

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