Songs For Desert Rats

A collection of CW’s Nevada songs. A pdf booklet of “Songs For Desert Rats” with words and chords can be found by clicking here. If you wish, I encourage you to listen any of these songs, below, and, using the booklet, sing them. Note that these original songs are under copyright and if you record any of these songs and make money, you should arrange some payment. Lots more to be uploaded. Email if you don’t see one of my songs that you would like to sing! I’m always adding more. Enjoy!

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Driftin In Nevada Sand

Buddy Won’t You Give Me A Ride

Walk That Wild Dream

Campin In Nevada Tonight

Louie The Horse

Give Me Stars In The Western Sky

Passin’ Thru

Dyin’ On The Boardwalk Of The Blue Saloon

Pick Ax Pete’s Collector’s Trading Post

Carson City Serenade

Have Your Seen The Damsel Who Stole My Checkered Pants

Desert Dinah

When It’s Ragtime In Nevada

When It’s Ragtime In Nevada–picked

Jack Donnell

Don’t Fall Down A Mine Shaft

The V&T Is Back In Town

Hold Onto Your Hat Horace

That Cowboy Cafe

Ridin’ The Thunderstorm’s Light

Give Me Back Nevada’s Moon

The Sage Goddess With Her Sweet Dusty Cries

Colonel Booker’s New Volcanic Brass Caliope

Stars And Sand

Hello Moon

Aunt Sally Took The Mine Tour

With A Gal Named Jane Ridin’ By My Side